How Strava works

Visit Strava’s How It Works page for a thorough explanation of how Strava works and learn about compatible GPS devices.

Join the Niagara Freewheelers Strava Club

  1. Login to Strava or register for a free Strava account if you do not have one.
  2. Go to our Strava Club page or use the search by going through the Strava website menu to find us: Explore > Clubs > Search “Niagara Freewheelers Bicycle Touring Club.”
  3. Click the “Request to Join” button and you will receive an email notification from Strava when your request is accepted.


  • Keep track of your mileage (per bike, per week, per month, per year)
  • Improve your fitness and compare against previous rides and segments
  • Take part in monthly Strava challenges

Useful Resources

  • Have you ever met up with another cyclist on your ride or wondered who that cyclist was that crossed your path? Well, if that other cyclist was using Strava, you can now see who it was by using the Activity Playback.

Strava Club Summary

Strava Club Activities