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The goal of the newsletter is to provide members with important and interesting information. Remember, your go-to place for information about rides, meetings, and special events should always be the website. Newsletters are sent out on the first of each month via email. If you have information, photos, or an article that you would like to share with members, submit as per the Newsletter Schedule to

Newsletter Schedule

Sunday, November 1 (submit information by Sunday, October 25)

The newsletter, website, and Facebook are the club’s main ways of communicating with its members. If needed, News Bulletins to communicate important information will also be sent to members via email.

2020 Newsletters

October 12, 2020 – News Bulletin

October 1

September 1

August 12 – News Bulletin

August 1

July 9 – News Bulletin

July 1

June 1

May 1

April 6

March 1

February 1

January 1

2019 Newsletters

December 4

November 14 – Cuba News Bulletin

November 7

October 9

September 28 – Ride Date Change Notification

September 18

September 12 – Cuba News Bulletin

August 21

August 12 – News Bulletin

July 28 – News Bulletin

July 24

June 26

May 29

May 1

April 3

March 20

February 27

February 6

January 23