Join the Niagara Freewheelers!

Join the Niagara Freewheelers!

The Niagara Freewheelers Bicycle Touring Club is open to all ages, abilities, and interests.

Members can take part in any of the 500 organized rides scheduled annually, join us at club social events (run throughout the year), and attend club meetings and information sessions. Most local bike shops offer members a 10-15% discount on a range of items.

Ride as a guest on any of our rides and consider becoming a member.

Hamilton Harbour-riders under 403

500 Rides

Our rides are for every level of interest and ability. There is no better way to experience Niagara’s natural beauty than on a bicycle!

Each ride has a designated start time and location, rating (speed to expect), distance, terrain, and is led by an experienced rider.

Ride Schedule

Code of Conduct

The Niagara Freewheelers Bicycle Touring Club is committed to ensuring a safe and positive environment for its members. It is expected that all members treat each other respectfully and courteously, so that no member experiences harassment, discrimination, or abusive behaviour of any kind. All interactions between members should enhance the enjoyment of cycling. Any complaints involving violations of the Code of Conduct should be reported to the President.

Ride Rating System

Speed Range

Speed - S
12-15 km/h

Speedy Turtles: Relaxed scenic pace, staying together.

Speed - C
16-20 km/h

Sightseeing pace, with re-grouping.

Speed - B
21-25 km/h

Steady pace with re-grouping.

Speed - A
26+ km/h

Vigorous pace, few stops.


Terrain - 4
Mostly Flat

Generally flat or rolling.

Terrain - 3
Some Hills

Rolling with some hills.

Terrain - 2
Large Hills

Multiple and/or large hills.

Terrain - 1
Steep Climbs

Multiple long and/or steep climbs.

Additional Ratings

Distance - K
Total Distance

Length of ride in kilometers.

Surface - G

Partial or mostly gravel trails.

Surface - T
Dirt Trail

Partial or mostly dirt trails.

Social and Special Events

Social and Special Events

The Freewheelers host social events throughout the year for all members. Come out and have a great time!

You can join us on special rides within Niagara and beyond such as the Hamilton Harbour Ride, as well as cycling vacations. Check our website or our newsletter for updates on the next event.

Annual Membership Fees

Register and as a member you will receive all club benefits including organized rides, club social events, email updates, and newsletters.


Single Membership


Family Membership

How To Register

You can register online or by print and mail:


Register Online

Print & Mail

Print and complete the Membership Application Form and mail it along with your payment to the address on the Membership Application Form. $5 discount applies with mail-in registration before April 30.

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Become a Member today!

We hope to see you on the next ride!

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