Safety Rules

Rules that all riders are expected to follow on Club rides.

Top 10 Safety Points

Safety points to review before a ride.

Incident Report Form

It is the responsibility of the Tour Leader to record and report incidents during Club rides.

Emergency Preparedness

Are you carrying identification, current emergency contact information, and pertinent medical information when you are cycling? If not, you should be.

Railway Crossing Guidelines

Railway and streetcar tracks are very dangerous. Read this guide to help you stay safe when crossing.

Bike Niagara - Safe Cycling Courses

Bike Niagara is a community service organization, formed by a group of local cycling enthusiasts interested in helping people ride bicycles, promoting safe cycling, and improving the capability of cyclists.

COVID-19 - Guidelines for Cycling

COVID-19 has impacted every facet of our lives. Before attending any rides, read and understand the guidelines – it’s important! (Revised 16/07/21)