2018 Year-End Questionnaire

I hope you all had a great season cycling with the Freewheelers! All members are now invited to comment on the 2018 ride schedule and other special events that took place. Your input will be used to help develop the Ride and Event Schedule for 2019. Email your response to the Tour Director.

Do you recommend:

  • Deleting any rides? Identify the specific ride(s) and give your reason.
  • Adding any rides? If so, provide the ride details.
  • Changing any rides? If so, provide the details.

Any other suggestions or comments are welcome.

Every year we need members to volunteer as Tour Leaders, so please submit your name and the type of ride you would like to lead (e.g. B or C rides starting in Fonthill). We encourage all members to volunteer in this capacity. Your support is essential to keep our club viable! If you are interested in volunteering as a Tour Leader, please contact me.

Thank you, Dennis Munn, Tour Director